Wellbeing Coaching for Personal Development

Wellbeing coaching for personal development is for women who want to discover how meditation, visualisation and mindfulness can support their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Wellbeing coaching also includes the exploration of holistic therapies (aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, crystals) for wellbeing.

I will empower you with coaching and teaching to support your personal growth.


Meditation is an essential part of mindfulness practice, as a tool to focus the mind and find inner peace.  

Research shows that meditation increases concentration, creativity and relaxation. Meditation teaches the mind to let go of negative thoughts and learn acceptance of ourselves, without judgement.


Mindfulness is a scientifically proven method of focusing the mind and reducing stress & anxiety.

Exploring mindfulness is powerful to cultivate happier and more relaxed experiences of life. Mindfulness is the attention on the present moment and focussing on attuning to the senses.


Visualisation is an active way of focusing the mind and senses to create a vision of a goal and it has greater power when in a meditative and relaxed space of serenity.

Visualisation is away of connecting to an outcome, with the intention of creating a positive change or manifesting a goal. Flourish with visualisation.

For women who want to make positive changes in their life, and have specific goals and intentions.
I am a member of the
Federation of Holistic Therapists
and the
Royal College of Midwives
and am fully insured to provide services and training.