Reflexology is a holistic therapy that balances and supports the natural healing abilities of the body

Reflexology is a very balancing and relaxing treatment, that moves stagnant energy to support and enhance the flow and function of bodily systems.


Is the ancient and traditional method of applying pressure onto specific points on the feet to invoke a self-healing response and achieve a balance in body, mind and spirit.

The theory of reflexology is that the whole body, each organ and system can be mapped out on the feet. When certain reflex points are pressed, manipulated and stimulated on the feet (or hands) they send a reflex response to the corresponding organ, system or part of the body, which initiates a healing response.

Reflexology is a therapeutic synergy of the science of ancient medicine and instinctive art of pressure techniques to balance and relax.

Serenity to Flourish.

What is reflexology?

Experience an uplifting or calming aromatherapy massage.
Experience an energising or relaxing massage.
Experience  a rejuvenating or peaceful Reflexology treatment.
Experience a balancing Crystal therapy treatment.
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