Hi, I'm Rozalind Joy Neil.

I'm delighted you have found my website and I am devoted to help you to explore and discover serenity to flourish.

Discover more about me and my journey, and the variety of expertise that I embody as an integrative practitioner.

I have 20+ years experience as a midwife and 10+ years experience working in education and personal development.

I have a passion and interest in the holistic nature of our bodies, minds and emotions. Since 2007, I have been exploring holistic therapies and education for my own personal development, and to support me through life changing experiences in my career, personal and family life. I have discovered my unique paths to serenity with aromatherapy, crystals, Yoga, belly dancing, meditation, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Bach flower remedies.

Every woman deserves to feel nurtured, to experience serenity in her body, mind and emotions and to flourish in her life. I am hereto nurture & inspire you, educate and empower you to achieve your wishes and wellbeing goals with my unique integrative approaches.  Connect with me in the tranquil space of my garden therapy room in a beautiful coastal village in Fife, Scotland either in person or virtually.

I provide 1:1 services, face to face and online but I am also available for group teaching.  Join me for a FREE no obligation Consultation and, I will use my knowledge, experience and intuition to develop an individual and integrative holistic plan for you.  

I created Serenity to Flourish because I feel passionately about the positive benefits of holistic therapies, holistic coaching and holistic education for women. I deeply trust in the importance of finding serenity and discovering the expansive feelings of flourishing!  

It is my wish that all women have opportunities to connect with themselves, explore their individual paths to serenity with holistic therapies, and nurture themselves with true affection.

It is my desire to empower women on their journeys to self discovery, with tailored holistic coaching to experience serenity, passion, creativity and joy. My intention is to inspire curiosity, develop knowledge and teach women to discover their true authentic selves and to flourish.  

I believe and know that holistic education creates autonomy and life changing opportunities. My signature courses have been created to enliven curiosity and empower women’s lives.    

Start your journey today!

My lovely Garden Therapy Room in Lundin Links Fife



Its FREE education and inspirations to empower you with the Serenity to Flourish

I am a member of the
Federation of Holistic Therapists
and the
Royal College of Midwives
and am fully insured to provide services and training.